Future Traders ; International Trading and Sourcing (South Africa) importing & products sourcing company in Nelspruit/Mbombela/Lowveld Mpumalanga  (MicroVEG; Microwavable steaming bag)

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(MicroVEG Cooking Pouch) Future Traders, International trading and sourcing - Nelspruit/Mbombela/Lowveld - Mpumalanga South Africa

MicroVEG steaming Bag | Future Traders International Trading & Sourcing (South Africa) | Microwave steam bag Nelspruit | Imported products in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga

Future Traders Manufacture and sell the MicroVEG product, a microwave steaming bag. Manufactured & sold in South Africa, Nelspruit/Mbombela/Lowveld Mpumalanga.






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Vegetable Steaming Bag


Have your vegetables steaming ready in no time!


MicroVEG is a convenient, economical, re-usable and easy machine washable Microwave Steaming Bag.
It is designed to Steam Vegetables in its own fluids effortlessly and quickly.


Instead of boiling your Vegetables in a pot of water, steam your Vegetables in your MicroVEG and you will retain all the natural flavours and goodness. It will save you electricity, time and endless frustration. What's even better, your kitchen stays spotless and tidy with not so much of a spill or a splash. Now you don’t have to tolerate the disappointment of over cooked, burnt or tasteless Vegetables ever again.

There is a big variation of Vegetables for you to experiment with in your MicroVEG . We do believe that you will have a lifelong and fun filled journey with MicroVEG, once you have started exploring and trying out ALL sorts of Vegetables with your MicroVEG friend.


For more information or to order please click here >> bloomingcr@gmail.com


product code: mv02

South African Steaming Cooking Pouch Products (nelspruit / Mbombela / Lowveld) MicroVEG Cooking / Steaming Bag - Mpumalanga, Nelspruit, South Africa Microwave Cooking / Steaming Bag available in South Africa, Mpumalanga, Nelspruit


MicroVEG Steaming Pouch sold in Nelspruit, Lowveld, Mpumalanga - South Africa Microwavable Cooking Pouch / Bag sold in nelspruit, Mpumalanga - South Africa Vegetable Microwave cooking/steaming pouch/bag - South African Products




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Future Traders, MicroVEG Steaming Bag, Microwave steaming Bag Products Nelspruit, Mpumalanga MicroVEG, South African Steaming Bag Products, Microwave cooking Pouch Nelspruit, International trading & Sourcing South Africa

Future Traders, MicroVEG Steaming Bag, Microwave Cooking Pouch, International Trading & Sourcing South Africa

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