Future Traders ; International Trading and Sourcing (South Africa) importing & products sourcing company in Nelspruit/Mbombela/Lowveld Mpumalanga

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Future Traders, International trading and sourcing - Nelspruit/Mbombela/Lowveld - Mpumalanga South Africa

Future Traders | International Trading & Sourcing | South African Importing Company | Imported Products in South Africa | Imported products in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga

Future Traders specialize in the importing, trading and sourcing industry. Operating in South Africa (Nelspruit, Mbombela, Mpumalanga, Lowveld) importing products internationally to sell in South Africa. Our imported products include - looprope, MicroVeg, two way batteries and accessories, future wheels (electric unicycle/bikes/skateboards). Our services include product sourcing, shipping from China, Product development and manufacturing, international trading.






Future Traders is a diverse South African company that imports unique and innovative products for the Southern African market. We are based in Nelspruit (Mbombela/Lowveld) in Mpumalanga, although our products and services are readily available to customers throughout South Africa as well as internationally.


Our products includes the following:

  • Two-Way Radio - for various makes and models. Best quality at the best prices.



We are constantly looking for new and exciting products worldwide.


Our services include the following:


  • Product Sourcing: We have agents in the most important export markets that help us find the products that our clients require.


  • Shipping from China: Our Shipping Agent in China will arrange collection and shipping to South Africa at the most affordable rates.


  • International Trading: We will be able to assist in finding buyers for your products in Foreign Markets.



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Future Traders in Nelspruit, International Trading & Sourcing in South Africa, Internationally imported products

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